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Dr. Alan G. Robinson

Meet Alan Robinson Alan G. Robinson is an award-winning author, educator, researcher and consultant. His specialties include lean production, managing continuous improvement, creativity, ideas and innovation. He’s co-authored six books, which have been translated into more than 20 languages. Corporate Creativity, co-authored with Sam Stern, was named "Book of the Year" by the Academy of Human Resource Management & was a finalist in the Financial Times/Booz Allen & Hamilton Global Best Business Book Awards.
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Dr. Dean M. Schroeder

Meet Dean Schroeder Dean M. Schroeder is also an award-winning author, consultant & scholar whose work helping organizations improve management outcomes continues to garner praise. His best-selling book, Ideas Are Free, co-authored by Alan Robinson, was voted the Reader’s Choice by Fast Company magazine and selected as one of the 30 best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Books. As a consultant & speaker, Dr. Schroeder has worked with many types of companies & organizations around the world.
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Oct 31
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Amidst immense global and societal change, it is clear that citizens around the world are expecting more from their governments. Never has this increased expectation been more clear than in the wake of the Ebola crisis...
Sep 04
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Last week, Dean Schroeder and I were working in Sweden, studying the idea initiatives of government agencies at all levels, from Kommuns (the equivalent of county governments) to national level institutions like the Tax...
Aug 07
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A couple of weeks ago, I came across an interesting idea. It’s a simple tactic that can be particularly helpful in newly launched idea programs, or programs that are struggling to get support from supervisors and...
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